William Vis
Buying Specialist, Commercial Real Estate

William Vis was born and raised in Diamond City, Alberta, the second youngest of a family of seven. His family continues to grow, uncle to three nephews and six nieces. At age thirteen, he was employed as a farm hand for several years, working with chickens and beef cattle, before taking up a job in the finishing carpentry industry. Until becoming a Realtor, William spent over four years in the cabinetry and finishing trade, honing his hands-on skills and building a reputation among other tradesmen as hardworking and precise. He also enrolled in an online course in drafting and design, becoming a certified draftsman after learning and developing the skills necessary. Besides the industry skills, the course also taught communication skills in dealing with customers, tradesmen, and fellow team members. As a side job, he worked in both residential and commercial design, developing his knowledge and understanding of the different aspects of a home. Many projects included collaboration with the architect and contractors to ensure that the design was on par with their need and wants. Managing his time and keeping organized were both keys to him making project deadlines and meeting expectations. William also enjoys the sport of disc golf, playing in several amateur tournaments in Alberta and BC every year. Other past times for him include downhill mountain biking, vacationing, and spending time with friends and family. William’s goal in life is to create a comfortable income for himself while balancing his social and work lives and hopes to achieve this by working hard, learning where he can, and placing his priorities where they matter most.