We Are Community Builders

The Atkinson Team is a loving group of real estate professionals who support one another, value each other’s families, friends, and Clients, and who always do the right thing. At the end of the day we want everyone to feel like they are cared for and supported. That’s the core of what we represent and the type of people who are part of our close knit family.

You Deserve More

According to the National Association of Realtors, 87% of real estate agents fail within the first 5 years. The reason is simple: Agents fail to earn enough income to stay in business. The Atkinson Team facilitates Agents in achieving thriving real estate careers with an average annual income of over $50,000 per year. Our top agents earn over $175,000 per year.

With Courtney, and the Team, you will have everything you need for massive personal growth and real estate success. You will have: a personal success coach; a real estate coach; an accountability coach; technology; infrastructure; and a massive database filled with tens of thousands of leads; all built on the foundation of a caring and supportive Team who will continually champion your success.

Courtney has been a top producing Agent for over 13 years and has grown the largest real estate Team in the history of Southern Alberta, and one of the top producing Teams in North America. He has been out of production for over two years and spends the majority of his time helping his Team members live their biggest and best lives. His greatest joy would be to help you become your absolute best version of yourself, in every single way.

Prospect. Sell. Earn Commission. It’s That Simple.

What does the Team cover for you?

We pay for: administrative and marketing staff; Team merchandise; closing gifts; branded clothing; signs; installations; deliveries; riders; lockboxes; virtual tours; professional photography; aerial photography; RMS measurements; staging; all marketing, including your own branded material, flyers, presentations, folders, digital marketing, and social media marketing; an extensive tech stack including a database, CRM, auto dialer, virtual phone number, drip texting, drip emailing, access to the DNC list, as well as a personal success tracking tool; national recognition by virtue of being with the #1 Canadian Team with eXp Realty; and literally tens of thousands of leads, with hundreds of new ones coming every single week.

Constant Stream of Leads

We generate over 1,000 leads per month for our Team members with an annual marketing budget of over $300,000 per year. We consistently sell over 350 properties per year for over $100,000,000 in sales. We consistently have more leads than we can handle. This is why we need your help.

How Much Should You Expect to Earn?

An average Agent on our Team earns over $50,000 per year, working 20-35 hours per week. Our top Agents earn over $175,000 per year working 60+ hours per week. We've had many people make over $100,000 in their first 12 months licensed with one person making well over $150,000 their first year licensed.

Team Benefits


We treat everyone in our tight-knit community, including our Clients, fellow businesses, colleagues, and families, with respect and honesty. While "integrity" is a popular word these days, we live by it daily, holding each other to an extremely high standard of love, care, trust, and transparency. We do not fear failing. We fail by resisting accountability and transparency in what we do. 


We are accountable to our Customers, our Clients, our fellow Team members, and ultimately to ourselves. We consistently measure our leading and lagging indicators in accordance to our own personal goals so that we are constantly aware of our personal progress towards them. Accountability means that we do what we say we’ll do. We commit and follow through. 


Jack Mitchell wrote the book “Hug Your Customers” a concept we employ in our Team. It means we go the extra mile for our Clients and we strive to create a positive impact in their lives. This culture starts within our Team and it permeates to our Clients and their families. Hugging means you go above and beyond to help people. This creates a Team culture that is more like a family and less cut-throat. Our Team is a safe place. 


In most real estate transactions, an issue or multiple issues will arise at some point during the process. By maintaining a positive attitude and believing in group learning, we focus on the solutions and not the problems. We want our Agents to navigate our Clients transactions in a seamless and positive way. You will never go more than a few minutes without the answers you need to succeed.


Our Team is built different. We dedicate over 12 hours per week to training, through daily training sessions. In eXp World you will have access to over 50 hours per week of training. This benefits new and seasoned Agents alike. They say knowledge is power. For us, it is a superpower.

What are WE looking for?

Integrity: You do what you say you will do;

Service:  You are always of service to others first;

Accountability: You follow the plan that you know will help you reach your goals;

Team Player: You are kind and you go above and beyond to help people.

Have questions? We'd love to meet with you!

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